Rose Print Dress ca. 1947

The Third Class Stairway on the Queen Mary
 I’ve had this dress finished for a while (since March!) and only now have gotten around to posting the pics. So without further ado, my rose print dress!
It’s made in the post-war style, with a bit more fabric in the skirt but still keeping the broad shoulders that became popular as a way to showcase the intricate hairstyles. Note: My hair style is… not so intricate. This is due to the fact that I sneakily wore my 1947 dress to a 1930’s event… considering the fact that the vintage die-hards didn’t show, I got no flak! (Especially not from the girls dressed in the “pin-up” dresses covered in cherries, inaccurate little…..)
In any case, the dress was actually very difficult to make. I accidently sewed in a crooked hem and couldn’t repair it, because no matter how gentle I was with the seam ripper, the fabric would run like a puma was chasing it (even though it’s a woven fabric, not knit!). I’d end up getting white threadlines in the silk until I had to recut it (the bodice was cut twice so I could mix and match pieces that looked decent, but the lining looks like a bear attacked it). Even my machine could make it run just by stitching!!! Ahhhhh! Was it worth it?
Cisco says that the material is soft and that he thinks the effect was worth it, and to be honest, a below-the-knee day-t0-evening dress is a nice thing to have in the closet. The pattern itself came from my Aunt Lynn, and it’s a great pattern! The pattern is either halter neck or backed and sleeved, so I plan to use the same pattern to make a halter dress in the near future.
The event was a blast. It was the 75th Anniversary of the Queen Mary. We got to hear speeches, got free foie gras (free because we snuck in the backway accidently and didn’t get charged), and went to a buffet based on the menu from the original menus from her first voyage. Have you been to a buffet that serves lamb, filet mignon, and a cherries jubilee station? How amazing! I encourage everyone to stop by the Queen Mary in Long Beach, she’s a beautiful art deco piece of history and she deserves your dollar to help preserve her artwork!

At the 1930's themed Buffet

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