A yellow 1950’s dress…

please ignore the dopey facial expression... on me, not on Dopey.

In front of the Snow White Grotto at Disneyland

This dress was my first foray into vintage dress making. I never thought it would be so different from modern sewing, but boy, was it!

I made this for the 55th Anniversary of Disneyland, my favorite place on the whole planet. My friend Juliette arranged for a few of us to go in 1950’s attire, so all these pictures were taken in the sweltering heat that was July 17, 1955/2010. I chose a lemon yellow gingham (I  really do wish you could see the checks on the dress), because when I think 1950’s, I think pastels and sunny colors. The skirt is absolutely huge and took way too many yards of fabric (the exact number escapes me, but I did have to go back and by a second helping), which really isn’t too odd for the 1950’s, since women were showing off the lack of rationing.

a picture taken with a modern camera of someone taking their picture with a vintage camera. stylin'.

Taking pictures in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

I admit to cheating a little bit on the petticoat. I simply took an elastic loop and tacked on yellow tulle. I tried to get as close to the color of the dress as possible, but it ended up being more the color of Juliette’s dress… which, by the way, was unplanned. We all just showed up in yellow! I guess that settles it; I’m not the only person that thinks “lemon yellow” when I think 50’s. Next time, I’m making something in mint green, just to show’em.
the film cloud at the bottom makes it look like my bloomers are radioactive...

Juliette and I

The day was a lot of fun–we got stopped every few seconds to get pictures taken with guests of the park and to be asked questions. Juliette did a great job arranging the day, complete with trivia and games. Cisco, my dearest darlingest man, brought his 1950’s era Graflex to take pictures (which is why there are some clouds on the photos, since the light overexposed the film), and poor Jeff who came along came in a wool suit, which was very appropriate for the 50’s but not for the 100’s, where the thermometer registered that day. My dress was cool enough, but I tried to wear a sweater over it for vintage effect–and to hide the fact that I had some puckers along the zipper line. I gave up on that, though, about the time I was seeing spots and panting. I have fixed the zipper since, so as not to repeat that somewhat traumatic experience. 😀
Thanks for looking!
aww... he's so handsome...

Cisco and I in front of the castle ❤

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